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Trade Kitchens and Bathrooms

trade kitchens and bathroomsBarrmuir’s trade Kitchens and Bathrooms division is looked after by the managing director himself. The MD is focused on providing a personal service both in product and customer service offering highly competitive prices that has ensured trades people and house renovators and builders returning time and time again. Local plumbers, joiners, house builders and house renovators have all taken advantage of the great service and price on offer.

Trade Kitchens and Bathrooms House Builders / Developers

Specialising in small scale house building developments and small scale renovations the MD feels that out trade kitchens and bathrooms division can help and he would love to hear from you and feels confident of being able to cater for you demands and needs to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible and on time as well. With time a huge bearing on a successful job you can be rest assured that we will go that extra mile to ensure your profits are not getting eating into with delayed product delivery.

Trade Kitchens and Bathrooms for Tradespeople

The MD IS always keen to welcome current and potential tradespeople to the showroom. Where he can offer advice on how the trade kitchens and bathrooms section of the business can help with your projects to help achieve both you goals and your customer’s needs. Wither it’s a small accessory to integrate to a kitchen or indeed a full kitchen a tap, sink or shower enclosure for a bathroom or if you are a renovator or builder looking for the supply of a number of kitchens or bathrooms please feel free to contact him direct.

If you are considering a supply only solution for a project big or small the service and advice you get from Barrmuirs trade kitchens and bathrooms is second to none so please take advantage today and Contact Muir Fulton by calling him on 01292 739 003 or call into our showroom.

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