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Tiles for Bathrooms

tiles for bathroomsDesigning a good layout is king in any bathroom renovation, especially if considering tiles for bathrooms. Which is why a tiling lay out plan should be put in place right from the start. With good careful planning, your bathroom design might end up being very close to what you wanted.

Tiles for bathrooms planning tips

Mark the wall studs with a permanent marker or paint making sure all tile sizes are double checked prior to this especially on bigger areas the grout size will need to be taken into consideration. Start laying exactly on the grout joint and always start from the top working your way to the bottom. Take care when going around doors and windows all are unique and will have their own set of different challenges, remember to get the water proofing spot on here.

Consideration for drainage and guarding against leeks is an essential part of the process when laying tiles for bathrooms

Tiles for bathrooms – the floor

Floor tiles are a very popular choice of tiles for bathrooms so make sure everything is taken into account, making sure all drainage pipes are as close to their finishing positions as possible. If your shower floor is pebbled increase the pitch on this floor for a quicker dry out time in between showers. A good tip is to prepare a sample tile board and seal it before sealing an entire bathroom or shower floor.

Make sure you stay off all shower and bathroom floors for as long as possible as each different stage needs time to dry before proceeding.

Tiles for bathrooms consider the professionals

If at the end of the day all of this seems a bit too much call in help from a professional company like Barrmuir kitchens and bathrooms who have been fitting tiles for bathrooms since 1999 and have a full range of tiles to choose from.

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