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showers for bathroomsWhen deciding on which shower to choose there are 4 different types. We will have a look at all four and hopefully this will give some advice when choosing showers for bathrooms. Some practical things need to be taken into account including the water pressure in your house and what boiler type would be best suited, make sure qualified plumbers carry out all this work and at the end a gas safety certificate is issued. Other important things to consider are how powerful you would want the shower and design.

Showers for Bathrooms – types to choose from

The four main types of showers are;

Electric showers

Power showers

Mixer showers

Digital showers

Showers for bathrooms – types explained

Firstly let’s look at electric showers for bathrooms. This type of shower will heat the water as you go, so only a cold water supply is needed and of course no need to heat the water before showering. This can make a saving on energy bills and there is no need for a boiler which also means that even if other people are using water to fill different appliances the showering experience will not be affected. It is also worth noting that this is probably the cheapest shower to buy.

Power showers for bathrooms are a great choice if you have low water pressure as they have a built in pump which instantly boosts the flow the water and because it uses the flow of both the hot and cold water this gives better control of the pressure and temperature. They do use more water than say an electric shower so please bear this in mind if you have a water meter. Cost wise this shower is slightly more expensive to buy than an electric shower.

Mixer showers for bathrooms like power showers combine the hot and cold water supplies, which gives ready-heated water. You also have the option of bath mixers where the flow and temperature can be controlled by the bath taps. Some are designed specifically for low pressure water systems and thermostatic showers regulate the temperature of the water much better than a standard mixer shower. Costs for this type of shower are generally on par with power showers or slightly less.

Mixer tap showerDigital showers for bathrooms are the latest in shower design and technology and can come in electric or mixer models. Unlike the mixer shower the design allows water to flow to a desired temperature so no temperature changes when someone uses the cold tap anywhere else in the house. Some come with LCD digital display on the control panel and incorporate wireless or Bluetooth technology others have colour coded lighting systems which will let you know when the desired water temperature is reached prior to starting to shower. The built in technology is endless which is why this shower can end up being the most expensive.

As you can see above lots to consider when looking at showers for bathrooms. If you still can’t decide or are unsure if your property has high or low water pressure call on the professionals at Barrmuir Kitchens and Bathrooms where our team of experienced plumbers will be on hand to advice on anything you need.

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