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kitchen sinksThere are many different styles and materials used in today’s kitchen sinks. We will show just a few of the most popular types used in today’s market

Kitchen sinks – materials

Although there is a huge assortment of materials used in the kitchen sink industry today we are going to look at stainless steel, cast iron, composite and fireclay.

Stainless steel Kitchen sinks are probably the most popular on the market, it makes up for  around 70% of all sinks made, mainly because they tend to be inexpensive and versatile coming in a variety of installation types.

Cast iron sinks are still very popular and has been used for century’s as a kitchen sink material as they are very tough, long lasting and suited to the daily use you would expect from any kitchen sink. They are also very easily kept clean and much heavier than your average stainless steel sinks.

Composite sinks in the main are made from either granite or quartz. They are long lasting, in fact granite composite kitchen sinks are probably the longest lasting sinks available to buy today, but are normally more expensive than stainless steel or cast iron.

Fireclay sinks, because of the way they are made are more durable than say cast iron sinks and fall into the more expensive category of sink and are most commonly found in farmhouse style kitchens.

Kitchen sinks – styles

Three of the most common styles of kitchen sinks are single bowl, double bowl and farmhouse.

A single bowl sink is great when space is  an issue with this style coming in compact sizes, without compromising on the bowl size you can still clean large dishes such as pots and oven trays.

Double bowl kitchen sinks are found much more in modern kitchens, however don’t be fooled as the bowl size is usually less than a single bowl, so take some time to consider which is best suited to your needs.

Farmhouse sinks are often chosen when looking for a traditional or country style design and come in single or double bowl options, although single bowls are often the choice.

Like most things when considering a new kitchen take time to look at the different options of kitchen sinks available seek advice as other factors need to be taken into consideration.

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