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Granite Worktops

Granite WorktopsWith over 65 beautifully crafted Granite worktops to chose from, finding the perfect one for you in made easy. From white pearl and super grey to antique brown and African gold the various options available are stunning. A granite worktops can be used amazingly to compliment your kitchen or bathroom giving it an extravagant finish. The variety of colours available suit all types of contemporary and traditional kitchens or bathrooms. The hard wearing, easy to care for, stain resistant provide the perfect finishing touch. As granite is a natural material colours and patterns will vary from piece to piece meaning your worktop will be unique to you.

 Why to chose Granite Worktops

Granite worktops have a rich beauty that very few worktops can match. These lovely worktops take your kitchen to the next level of high quality visually.

Granite is a very hard substance and is not liable to scratches as previously mentioned. Granite is not ideal to work on as it will more than likely dull your knife blades, although it will take to normal wear and tear very well. Heat also doesn’t have an impact on the granite worktop meaning that if a hot pan had to be placed on the worktop it wouldn’t leave any damage. The granite worktop not having any reaction to heat is very useful in a bathroom, for example a hot hair tool can be placed on with no damage being caused.

Tips on Granite Worktops

For all the beauty of granite worktops there also is a possibility that if the worktop has not been sealed properly it would absorb liquids such as wine, oil, juice etc. Granite is a porous, this could also lead to bacteria build up. A top tip on keeping your granite in the best condition is to get it sealed annually.

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