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Fitted Kitchens Worktop Choices

fitted kitchensThe most popular worktops for fitted kitchens are as follows – wood, granite, laminate,  glass and stainless steel.  All have different advantages, so it’s important to look at all the factors involved. Here’s some things you should look at before you buy. We will also discuss our own worktop Mai.

If you like cooking, think about a heat-resistant material such as granite or Mai.

If hygiene is a concern, consider stainless steel or even glass.

If you are looking for a maintenance free option have a look at wood.

If price is an issue then you can’t go wrong with laminate.

Fitted kitchens worktop materials

Solid Wood

Best for: Food preparation and dining areas such as kitchen islands and breakfast bars.

Best kitchen styles: Suits all kitchen styles.


Best for: Any area of the kitchen especially work surfaces, can also be incorporated around the sink and next to the oven or hob.

Best kitchen styles: Granite is a luxury material and suits modern or traditional styles. Make sure the rest of the kitchen incorporates that look and feel of luxury.


Best for: Everywhere, including food preparation areas and around sinks, hobs and cookers.

Best kitchen styles: Choosing the right worktop and when fitted properly can look like slate, wood or even granite.


Best for: Around the sink or on top of breakfast bars. As it is a very reflective surface great for splash back finish giving small kitchens that look and feeling of space.

Best kitchen styles: Best used with contemporary and modern fitted kitchens.

Stainless steel

Best for:  Food prep areas, around the sink or by the hob.

Best kitchen styles: Industrial, commercial and contemporary fitted kitchens.

Fitted kitchens – Barrmuirs Mai worktop

Our own Mai range of worktops are for the customer who is looking to finish their fitted kitchens with a look and feel of granite without the granite price. Our mai range is less expensive to granite giving a finish with seamless joints and a look and feel you would expect from granite. Get in touch today and see our full range of kitchen worktops!

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