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Fitted Bathrooms Cleaning Solutions

fitted bathroomsIn any home the bathroom needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. It is really important to keep every bathroom clean whither that be fitted bathrooms, ensuite bathrooms or family bathrooms it is really important that the place where you keep yourself clean is properly cleaned as well.

Fitted Bathrooms cleaning tips

Start with putting away any items that have been used during the daily routine, these can be placed into bathroom cabinets, drawers or baskets and this should then leave you with clutter free areas to clean. A small tip on the type of chemicals to use for cleaning surfaces is water and white vinegar instead of your normal chemicals as this solution is a natural disinfectant as well as being bio-degradable. Which coincides with being as eco-friendly as possible, you can also use lemon juice or tea tree oil as other cleaning product solutions. Keeping in the same eco-friendly mode why not use an old toothbrush to clean between the taps and toilet seat hinges?

Fitted Bathrooms cleaning solutions and methods

If you have any natural wood in your fitted bathrooms olive oil or sunflower oil are great to use on these types of surfaces whilst baby oil is fantastic on stainless steel, keep in mind oils are no good for tiles water and vinegar with bicarbonate of soda usually does the trick here.

Like if cleaning anywhere else in the house try as much as possible to start from the top to the bottom and sometimes changing your cloth for the different surfaces helps as well.

Try and start on the walls moving on to your surfaces and then your bathroom sink then toilet. Once you have removed all the dirt, grime and lime scale the last thing to consider is your floor, depending on the type of bathroom floor, please click here for our recently posted tips on bathroom flooring for fitted bathrooms.

Now it’s time to relax.

Fitted Bathrooms some ideas

Now that the cleaning is done you can be rest assured that the next time you take a relaxing bath or shower having a clean bathroom will make that seem so much better. For different choices of baths or showers call into Barrmuirs fitted bathrooms showroom in Arran Mall, Ayr.

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