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bathroom designWhen it comes to bathroom design  it is often suggested that the bathroom isn’t at all that glamorous, but think again. There are many different ways to add not only colour but some modern character to an otherwise boring but essential space in the house. Even with bathroom essentials such as bath mats, towels, mirrors and shower curtains the opportunity to brighten up what is normally looked upon as a drab boring room becomes exiting. Whilst introducing items such as soap dispensers, tissue boxes, shower caddies and glass canisters although all great for storage think design as well.

Bathroom design – the essentials

Shower curtains are both decorative and functional protecting your walls from any excess water shower curtains will add an interesting visual element to any bathroom design as well. They come in a variety of fabrics and styles. Depending on the type of flooring bath mats and rugs can be used as well for decoration, protection or as a warm surface when stepping out from the shower or when brushing your teeth. If you have choose a colour scheme or theme for your bathroom consideration to the colour of the mats will need to match. As a safety option the mat nearest the shower or bath should have a liner beneath it to prevent slipping. Towels are of course necessary in any bathroom for functionality reasons however choose them carefully pay attention to design and colour and make sure it blends in with the bathroom design and theme. Whether you’re looking at a brand new bathroom design or are re-modelling an old bathroom pay attention to the hardware. A simple change to a curtain rod can make all the difference in your bathroom space. Consider choosing all of your hardware with the same finish to create the same flow throughout your bathroom.

Bathroom design the accessories

Pull the look together with soap dispensers, dishes, linen baskets and furnishings that complement each other and fit within the theme. Modern electric toothbrushes although great for cleaning teeth do little for the design of the bathroom unless stored away. Think of a beautiful mirror instead of a plain old one for added interest. Adding plants or scented candles for that natural aroma are other things to consider.

Let us know of any other tips when it comes to bathroom design it will be great to hear from you!

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