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With a much higher demand now than there has ever been for wetrooms.  Barrmuir Kitchens and Bathrooms have carried out work for numerous customers, some simply for convenience, maintenance or simply ease of cleaning to much more complex needs because of age or disability. What was once classed as either a very expensive bathroom solution or a solution only for the elderly or disabled more and more customers are installing wetrooms as an easy, virtually maintenance free solution to their bathroom needs. With the introduction of built in furniture and wall hung pottery not only is a wetroom easy to maintain but can also have that luxury look and feel as well.

Wetrooms the build


wetroomsWetrooms differ from ordinary bathrooms. Things that differ for example the trapped waste outlet is installed at floor level. The floor is sloped slightly to create a gradient towards the waste. As water naturally wants to run downwards it will run to the lowest point in the room, where if done correctly it will enter the shower outlet and run through the waste water system. There is no way for water to bypass the waste outlet.The key is waterproofing (also known as tanking). All wet rooms, regardless on what floor, must be tanked, this should extend to the whole floor area, with a turn up of at least 110mm on to the wall. All walls in the immediate shower area should be tanked floor to ceiling as well. In this way any water that seeps through the tiling or shower splashback will be contained by the waterproofing. It will run downwards and will harmlessly enter the drainage system.

A wet room is a very secure option compared to conventional shower installations, and the location really does not matter, be it ground floor, 2nd floor or 5th floor it is irrelevant. The critical factors are an appropriate floor slope and a proven and correctly applied waterproofing.

Wetrooms Free Survey

Because of the complexity of the construction of a wetrooms not every existing bathroom space can be incorporated easily into one. Which is why in the first instance it is advisable to get in touch and arrange a free no obligation survey with one of our experienced members of staff who will advise on the best way to take this project forward.

If you are considering fitting wetrooms the service and advice you get from Barrmuir is second to none so please take advantage today and get your free survey and design by calling us on 01292 739 003 or call into our showroom and view our quality range of kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms.

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