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Gone are the days where showers for bathrooms needed to share a space with the bath which also reduced the design options and styles. Today you can have modern walk-in showers separate from the bath giving each its own space in return opening up countless design options to fit in with any budget as ease of use and safe accessibility.

Showers for Bathrooms options


Where bringshowers for bathroomsing light into a bathroom is important and space is not an issue you could consider enclosing a walk-in shower with a full glass wall. This will give the impression and feel of a bigger and brighter bathroom. If your busy household requires multiple people to use the bathroom at one time consider enclosing a walk-in shower in its own separate room.  However if space is an issue consider a tuck in the corner shower a walk-in shower ideal for a smaller bathrooms. There are many things to consider when fitting showers for bathrooms.

Showers for Bathrooms-The Shower Bathroom

The shower bathroom or most commonly known as a wet room takes the concept of open walk-in showers to another level. This solution is ideal for the elderly or disabled family member or as a way to add that wow factor to any household as it really does open itself to great design and style ideas. Certain types of showerheads must be taken into consideration as well for any bathroom for example a wetroom a showerhead that directs the water straight down instead of towards other parts of the room is ideal.

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