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When it comes to fitting Disabled bathrooms for either a disabled loved one or elderly relative we at Barrmuir understand the many different needs and demands required to carry out such an important job. Our expertise in maximising the space requires thought and understanding and not some pushy sales person only interested in there commission. That is why a proper surveyor is required for this. Barrmuir takes into consideration the sensitivity and thought that needs to go into planning and carrying out the work. We can advise on anything from sizes of baths, safety lighting and flooring and any health and safety issues from the start to the finish we are always here to help you get the balance correct for your disabled bathrooms.

Disabled Bathrooms-The Design


Barrmuir prides itdisabled bathroomsself in leaving no stone  un turned giving the advice on not only practical issues but making the bathroom look delightful as well. Gone are the days where practicality takes away from design nowadays with Disabled Bathrooms from Barrmuir you can have both. Whether it is a bathroom or wet room we really do have the expertise and experience in making the whole process as smooth as possible with minimal fuss and disruption to your everyday life.

Disabled Bathrooms Features

Bathrooms for disabled or elderly customers can be designed with a number of key features to make life easy and to allow independence at all times. Things to consider are open access baths and level access showers all implemented to prevent customers needing to climb over bath tops in order to bathe. Non slip flooring can be provided as a safe floor area to prevent slips and trips. We shouldn’t forget simple accessories such as hand and grab rails, shower seats and hoists and sinks with wheelchair access can all be added into the design to provide safety. Not only that but these accessories can be blended into the design of the bathroom. Our aim is to allow you the customer complete independence in specially adapted bathrooms whilst still having a room which is stylish. We offer a wide selection of disabled bathrooms which come in a range of differing styles to suit all customers.

If you are considering fitting  one of our disabled bathrooms or kitchens the service and advice you get from Barrmuir is second to none so please take advantage today and get your free survey and design by calling us on 01292 739 003 or call into our showroom.

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