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Gone are the days where choosing baths for bathrooms is settling for any bog standard type of bath. We have a full range of different sizes and styles that will complement the space the bathroom design will need. In fact when designing some of our previous customer’s bathrooms the bath has been made the focal point by using our fantastic stand-alone bath ranges. Or if you are looking at how best to utilise a smaller space maybe using one of our shower baths would be ideal?

Baths for Bathrooms- styles

baths for bathrooms

It’s great to have a shower both for quickness and cost effectiveness however many people cannot live without their baths for bathrooms as some will spend hours relaxing and soaking their stresses away. If a bath is important then choosing the perfect bath is essential what you need to consider is which style best suits yet needs to be practical and affordable as there is a now huge array of different styles and let’s not forget materials to choose from.  Consider whether you want the bath tub to match or be unique. Has it to be modern and stylish or traditional, even antique all of them had different benefits and advantages?

Baths for Bathrooms-Modern or Traditional?

With modern baths for bathrooms you do need to consider the impact that you want to make. Modern bath tubs can create the ultimate wow factor yet ideal for bathrooms where a tight budget is in place as they are normally lightweight use less expensive materials and are easier to install. Modern circular bath tubs are very fashionable but are best integrated into a larger room for this style to fit comfortably. You may also want to consider the material for the bath and if a modern luxury feel is what is required then marble is an excellent choice if you want luxury.

On the more exclusive baths for bathrooms traditional older styles like Victorian baths are coming back into fashion with more people than ever before looking at a traditional roll top bath. However prior to looking at this you will need to think about things like if the floor can support the weights as  this style of bath would have been made from steel or cast iron. Where budget is not a factor consider antique cast iron bath tubs they are on the expensive side especially when you will also need to consider that the decoration in your bathroom matches this style.

If you are considering fitting baths for bathrooms for a new or existing bathroom the service and advice you get from Barrmuir is second to none so please take advantage today and get your free survey and design by calling us on 01292 739 003 or call into our showroom.

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